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Rainbow Rocks [Just watched it]

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 12:04 PM

5 Nights at Freddy's 2 disappointment

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 7:55 AM
Mega's Brony Burnout by megaphonnic
Mega's Brony Burnout
well since :iconkatputze: and :iconsketchywolf-13: both done pictures of them "sorting out" some sexy Brony fella I thought I'd join in as well [since they both included me I felt I owed them something]
Granted it isn't my best work but

Also added :iconurbancowboy117: as well. And a special edition the green pony to the far left is my Girlfriend Moo. I told her two nights ago that I was going to Ponify her, her look of absolute fear was a great indicator that It was something that has to be done! 

I also added a Buttfly because....Buttfly :3

also Kat your Cutiemark is a Butt

Fury Belongs to me, so does Buttfly

Moo belongs to....well Moo, but drawn by me ; D

Crimson Sunset belongs to :iconkatputze:

Sketchy belongs to :iconsketchywolf-13:

Geoff the Griffin belongs to :iconurbancowboy117:

Rainbow Rocks

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 23, 2014, 6:25 AM
It could have been part of an old tyre swing, or a marker on a tree for someone who lost their way. All the opposing options in my head were running short, but disappeared quickly when I saw the noose on the other end.“The council or forestry commission must've taken the animal away” Ned said as I shone my torch on the old rope he was holding. “Why didn't they remove the rope?” I added, Ned just shrugged “Beats me, come on, lets get moving, We might find more stuff like this.” We were walking for what seemed like a good half a mile, Ned finally decided this was a good place to set up camp, It was a nice clearing, enough room for two tents and a fire anyway. Once we both gathered some dead wood and made a fire I felt more at ease, the dark foreboding and unwelcoming aura of the forest seemed to melt away into the fire, as the flames licked the wood and danced under the branches of the surrounding conifers.

We both took this time to look through our bags and get our gear out, Tents, food, sleeping bags were obviously the main priority, We pitched our tents so they were facing each other, the fire crackling and spitting between us, the flickering dull light was enough for us to see what we were doing. We thought it best to conserve our torches. Once done we cleared some of the woodland debris out from under us and took a seat on the floor. Though the fire was burning and I had company, there was still that heavy feeling of paranoia, to be honest I think that rope contributed a great deal to what I was feeling. I tried to put it at the back of my mind and attempted to allow my natural cynical scepticism to drown my discomfort. “Marshmallow?” Ned asked as he pushed a half eaten family sized bag in my face. “Yeah, uh sure!” I responded taking a handful and started  searching for a twig, Ned cleared his throat and passed me a wooden chopstick from his backpack “There's nothing to be scared of out here mate”.

“Scared?” why do you think that? I responded somewhat defensively. Ned went back to impaling 5 marshmallows on his chopstick “I've known you for years, I can tell when something's on your mind, That rope could have just been a marker  or something Some people like to go rambling or hiking and tie something to a tree so they don't get lost.” It was weird hearing Ned talk like this, usually he'd call me a pussy or something, but it was a rare occasion seeing him react this maturely. Maybe because he wasn't with our other mates, maybe he felt something discomforting in this forest too, who knows? We spent the majority of the night having a laugh, cracking open a few beers, and reminiscing. My anxieties just disappeared. It was getting on for later hours and we decided to call it a night. We both said our good nights and went into our tents. The beer was doing a good job in making me forget about my worries, I slid into my sleeping bag and turned off my lantern, and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I awoke with a start, did I hear something? I looked at my watch, I've been asleep for about 1 and a half hours, I sat quietly seeing if the sound didn't come from my dream, I suddenly heard the cracking of distant branches, something was out there. I wanted to shout to Ned, but didn't want to draw attention. I reached over slowly to grab my torch, as soon as I gripped it, the sound emerged again. That howl....the howl from my dream, the muffled gargled call that I hoped never to hear again. I was terrified but I slowly managed to crawl to the zip, my body seemed stiff and heavy, and it seemed like it took forever to get to the opening, I unzipped about an inch and peeped out, pitch darkness is all that greeted me, I heard another howl coming from the west, a more shrill whistling shriek like one. That was accompanied by deeper one to the east, this one sounded closer, then more howls arose from different areas around me, I was surrounded my a demonic choir, I fumbled with the torch trying to find the switch in the dark, I unzipped the opening to my tent another 4 inches and shone my torch out, The whole area was filled with a thick fog, the air was still and it took my eyes a few moments to adjust. The howling slowly died as my torch light shone, I focussed the light  slightly to the right, towards Neds tent. It was wide open, and his sleeping bag was splayed out on the ground.

Rainbow Rocks [Just watched it]

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 12:04 PM


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I became part of the mlp fim following in between the first and second season, the shows okay but the fandom....bleh

If you want cutesy pony art that's just like the show or artwork where you can gaze lustfully at a cartoon ponies genitals and stomach tits, you're on the wrong page,

I draw sometimes in pencil, sometimes in inks, My style is greatly inspired by the 90's graphic novel style, Also in hyper realism, I also dabble in a bit of Grimdark as well, and not the lame ass, wimpy "Cupcakes" and "Rainbow factory" shit

100% Traditional art!!!, No computer sorcery here!

I'm taking Commissions!!!, Traditional art of the Highest quality at very cheap prices!!

I've noticed some work of mine on other brony sites, as long as you link back to my page then that's cool with me! /)

NYYYAAAAA FUCK!! What do you want to see?!… 

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