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The Ba-ah-roness by megaphonnic
The Ba-ah-roness


Ba-ah-roness Ewestice squealed gleefully.

"Oh Lord Henry Frappendoodlefappenshire I feel O' so Giddy and Sheepish!"

But Alas Ba-ah-roness Ewestice has a terribly dark secret
Will Lord Henry ever know the truth?

Steven gets Sars page 2 by megaphonnic
Steven gets Sars page 2
1. Greg [Internal Monologue]: You were my worst kind of torture.
But my much needed salvation. You tried to prepare me for a fact I refused to comprehend, a reality I was never felt I was meant to face...

I wasn't strong enough, Rose.

It was selfishness. A defence mechanism to protect myself from the inevitable, Because I knew I couldn't protect you from your fate.

I see you in his eyes, hear you in his voice, and feel you when I'm with him. My reason for living is for him, My son...

For you.

2. Greg: What do you want Steven?

Steven: Where's my Ukelele?

Greg: Check Lion.

Steven: K DAD BYE!

3.Greg: [Int. Mono] But I still wonder what I did to deserve this....

Page 2 is done and dusted. I'm off to london next week and when I get back I'll be working extra shifts at work [Christmas hours, whoop de fucking doo...]
Steven gets Sars page 1 by megaphonnic
Steven gets Sars page 1

Steven: H...How was Botox world?

2. Pearl: Not happy!

Pearl: Also you should know that we gem folk don't have gender you male Cishet Shitlord!

Amethyst: Sucked, Nipped and Tucked, I hurt a lot....

Garnet: Pearl ans Amethyst got attacked but I got the Gem.



Amethyst: Wow Lemmie see!

4. Pearl: I'm going on a hot date with my boyfriend Mayor Dewey, Do you want me to bring anything back Steven?

Amethyst: HMMM!

Garnet: I'll put this with the other gems and shards.

5. Steven: I WANT SARS <3

Sooooo yeah, last and only S.U fanart I made was about a year and a half back, Watched it more or less when it first aired, caught the first few episodes, got bored left it a year, about 2 months back I thought I'd check it out again and ended up watching the rest of the episodes. It's a decent show, Not as good as Gravity Falls but still a good show, aside from the majority of the songs and Stevens voice. 

The Fanbase on the other, I thought nothing could top the Bronies. Any fandom that tries to outcringe the Bronies is certainly worthy of my attention, and this one has mine undividedly.
Sooooo. since when the fuck were they cousins?
There will be less satirical pics in regards to the Brony Fandom, I have been watching other cartoon shows and feel some other fandoms need some attention, I know there will be no fandoms as cringe worthy as the Bronies, But I feel I need to spread my wings and flock to Greener pastures. It'll get my work more attention from a broader audience and hopefully help me get some commissions.

I'll still carry on with My Pony projects and collabs, but I'll be adding other fandom work too, Mostly from Steven Universe [Working on a comic] and Gravity Falls, [The Gravity Falls fandom seems pretty normal, but there is always a dark underbelly I always find out about, which will be addressed in my usual manner]

Stay tuned for different stuff! But be prepared to wait because work ;]
Sooooo. since when the fuck were they cousins?


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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Fan love:
Revenge of the Harmony: Page. 49 by StoryPony [BPH Reference], Hearts Warming Party by Sketchywolf-13, Friendship Is GTA by Sketchywolf-13, Blunderbolts Catastrophe by Daniel-SG Contest Prize: Lardarse and Faceache by StoryPony Contest Prize: Beneath the Branches by StoryPony Happy Birthday, Poko and Phonnic! by StoryPony Happy B-day Megaphonnic by CalicoChris My Buddies: Hug 1 by StoryPonySketchy VS The Navy by Sketchywolf-13
ICONS!!!! Thanks to :iconraenboow:
:iconlardarserusplz: : iconlardarserusplz: [One of my 3 O.C's Lardarse Mclazybollocks]
:iconscootscepticplz: : iconscootscepticplz: [Featured in my Piece "Dashie Does Docon"
"If it can be done, Do it!
If it could be done, Try it!
If it Can't be done, Fuck it!"

I became part of the mlp fim following in between the first and second season, the shows okay but the fandom....bleh

If you want cutesy pony art that's just like the show or artwork where you can gaze lustfully at a cartoon ponies genitals and stomach tits, you're on the wrong page,

I draw sometimes in pencil, sometimes in inks, My style is greatly inspired by the 90's graphic novel style, Also in hyper realism, I also dabble in a bit of Grimdark as well, and not the lame ass, wimpy "Cupcakes" and "Rainbow factory" shit

100% Traditional art!!!, No computer sorcery here!

I'm taking Commissions!!!, Traditional art of the Highest quality at very cheap prices!!

I've noticed some work of mine on other brony sites, as long as you link back to my page then that's cool with me! /)

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